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Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

To add a testimonial of your own, submit it on the Customer Survey page.

Come in today and test drive the new best selling 2014 Rangers that are in stock. Polaris Rangers are #1 in todays market, outselling the competition in every category, payload, pulling, true four wheel drive and easier steering even the models without power steering. Try putting the Terek in four wheel drive and the differential lock, you can't even steer it. Polaris Ranger is just a push button in four wheel drive and no steering is compromised. Try out the new crew cab that is in stock, a great family Ranger plus a good hard core hunting Ranger for your buddys to ride in.

Test drive the new ATV that are in stock today. Drive them on the real world trails, not just around a little black top driveway where you can't experience the true feeling of how an ATV can ride and handle over the competition. Single button true 4 wheel drive means all four wheels spin on demand when you need it, therefore, you don't get the hard steering like all the jap models.

Test drive the new Electric Ranger, with a 30 hp electric motor that runs silent, this machine has all the standard features of the gas powered Rangers. Most people can't believe the power and quiet ride the Electric Ranger has,  come in and check it out for yourself.