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Polaris Snowmobile in Beach Lake, PA

Polaris Snowmobiles

Winter is coming and you know what that means. It’s officially time to start gearing up and preparing to take on the slopes in your favorite snowmobile. Maybe it’s even time for an upgrade. If so, we encourage you to check out the impressive lineup of Polaris snowmobiles. There are many incredible options to choose from. These products are built for durability and power so you’ll always maintain confident control whenever and wherever you ride.

We know the importance of finding a brand you can trust, which is we offer a wide range of Polaris products to our customers. Visit us at Bill Case Polaris in Beach Lake, PA today to check out our awesome selection of Polaris snowmobiles.

Featured Polaris Snowmobile Models:

Polaris RMK® Snowmobiles in Beach Lake, PA


If you’re after a mountain sled that’ll outperform everyone else on the slopes and take you places you’ve never been, check out the Polaris RMK®. This model is equipped with the raised and lightweight AXYS® chassis, the heavy-duty Polaris engine, and exclusive designs that are sure to make it pop on the snow.


Polaris Switchback® Snowmobile in Beach Lake, PA


Whether you’re itching to explore the trails or to go off the grid, the Switchback® can take you there. This sled was designed with Rider Balanced® control so you’ll benefit from enhanced cornering and improved handling both on and off the trails. You'll also enjoy ergonomic controls, enhanced wind protection, and integrated storage.


Polaris INDY® Snowmobile in Beach Lake, PA


For over 30 years, the INDY® has been bringing riders together for a power-packed performance. Polaris is kicking things up a notch with the AXYS® platform and the all-new PRO-CC™ rear suspension. Enjoy comfy seats, smooth skis, and several integrated storage options. Every INDY® model was built to deliver the confidence you need on for a day on the snow.


Polaris TITAN® Snowmobiles in Beach Lake, PA


The TITAN® is easily the most capable extreme crossover snowmobile in the industry. Whether you’re getting down to business, enjoying the backcountry, or riding your favorite trail, the TITAN® has got your back. This Polaris snowmobile provides an unsurpassed level of floatation and agility on the snow and the AXYS® delivers maximum control.


Polaris RUSH® Snowmobiles in Beach Lake, PA


For superior control and speed with each and every corner, consider the RUSH®. The acceleration on this Polaris snowmobile is unmatched thanks to the combination of the powerful Polaris engine and the AXYS® platform that is engineered for minimized weight throughout the sled without sacrificing strength. It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping with RUSH®.


Polaris Voyager® Snowmobiles in Beach Lake, PA


When it’s versatility you desire, look no further than the Voyageur®. You can take on new trails, haul gear, deliver supplies, joyride, and much more. You’ll always enjoy the high-quality performance of this snowmobile. The hitch, rear rack, and Polaris rear suspension technology, you’re more than capable of tackling any task with precision and control.


Mountains in Beach Lake, PA

Snowmobile Safety

When you’re looking to tear up the slopes for hours of fun, snowmobiles are an excellent choice. You may not realize it, but snowmobiles can also be extremely useful when tackling certain jobs as well. It’s also important to know that there are certain safety measures you should observe whenever operating a snowmobile. You need to use extra caution on the slopes so you can know how to handle getting caught in a storm and how to avoid triggering an avalanche. You’ll have a much more enjoyable ride knowing that you’re being as safe as possible.

At Bill Case Polaris, we want to help all our customers learn about proper snowmobile safety, which is why we’ve prepared this helpful guide to get you started. If you have questions or need to grab some new gear before you head out on your Polaris snowmobile, stop by our dealership! We’re conveniently located near White Mills, Honesdale, and Narrowsburg, PA.

Gear and Equipment

The gear you wear and the equipment you bring along are essential to your safety when riding your snowmobile. It can be difficult to control your body temperature when riding a snowmobile, but investing in a riding suit will definitely help. You’ll have a shield from those harsh winds and falling precipitation. The riding suit is a great shield but we still suggest dressing in layers so that you can easily remove them if you start to sweat. Remember that sweating when it’s extremely cold out can result in hypothermia. When you’re riding, snow and ice can be harmful to your eyes plus the sun reflecting off the blinding white snow is also problematic. You can prevent this by investing in a pair of polarized goggles. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear a solid pair of boots and gloves because your hands and feet are the most likely to get cold. It should go without saying that you need to wear a helmet whenever you ride.

Watch the Weather

The weather is highly unpredictable especially when you’re riding during the winter months. Always check the updated forecast before you hop on your Polaris snowmobile for a day on the slopes. Keep your eyes peeled for any precipitation, what type, and when it’s due to occur. It’s also important that you avoid freezing rains and ice storms, which can make riding much more difficult and unsafe. Be on alert for any sudden changes in the water. If you notice that a storm is rolling in, it’s probably best to head back to safety. Storms can happen out of the nowhere and not even be predicted in the forecast so you always need to be prepared.

Use Caution Near Ice

One of the main hazards you’ll encounter on your snowmobile is ice. If the temperature drops low enough while you’re riding, rivers, lakes, and ponds can freeze over and you have no real way of knowing how thick the ice is. There are some places in the world where a frozen river is treated as a highway for snowmobile riders during the winter season. This isn’t always the case so you should never assume that a frozen body of water is automatically safe to ride on. Take into consideration the temperatures over the last few weeks before deciding to ride over ice. The best practice here is to avoid riding over frozen bodies of water unless its an established safe trail.

Beware of Avalanches

It’s fairly common knowledge that snowmobiling can trigger an avalanche. For the most part, avalanches tend to occur in high-elevation, alpine environments but there is always a risk in areas with plenty of snow, a steep hill, and the proper conditions. You must always be aware of avalanche warnings when you ride. To be extra safe, you can avoid riding in areas that have not been tested.

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